Cleanse. Balance. Maintain.

What is Microbe Blast?

Microbe Blast is a plant-derived molecule created to support the body’s natural ability to maintain a healthy microorganism balance.* The process to produce Microbe Blast is a trade secret that creates a unique molecule.

What truly sets Microbe Blast apart from all other products is the way it works. Microbe Blast catalytically degrades unhealthy proteins and breaks chemical bonds that hold them together. In unhealthy organisms, Microbe Blast degrades the proteins that make up the surface of the unhealthy cell and cause the cell to be compromised and eliminated through a selective process.*

Diseased cells often harbor improper proteins due to damaged DNA in the sense of a pathogen or viral infection. Viruses are stray strands of DNA that behave like living organisms when they cross the cell wall barrier, and then start replicating themselves. Diseased cells often have proteins that will transport poisons into the healthy cell, as well as proteins that protrude through the sidewalls of the cell. Our chemists have given us the ability to unravel the strands of countless proteins in order to stop, and sometimes repair the damage done to healthy cells.*

Microbe Blast Ingredients:

Nigella sativa, cyatheales, dicksoniaceae, cyatheaceae.

Other ingredients: Purified water.